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We Had the Time of Our Lives

In REACH News on December 22, 2010 at 7:02 pm
Below is one of those “It is with great sadness” letters from REACH President Ryan Sanders. Cue the Green Day…
For four years, REACH has made its clients look great with Madison Avenue services at Main Street prices. I am proud of the body of work we’ve created and the client service we’ve delivered. Last year was our best to date, and our people, processes and products are only getting better.

But even when business is good, there are some callings you can’t ignore. This month, I was offered the opportunity to work full time helping people find deeper relationships with God and with one another at the church where I have volunteered for more than a decade. There aren’t many opportunities that could have pulled me away from REACH, but this was one of them.

So on January 1, 2011, REACH will significantly downsize. What does that mean for our clients and vendors? Here are the Clif Notes:
  • REACH is still available for limited consulting, creative and campaign management services.
  • These services will be provided to a much smaller group of clients and delivered on a more relaxed timeline.

If your company needs a fully staffed agency with speed-of-business capabilities, REACH is no longer the agency for you. If, however, you have short-term projects or just need to discuss brand, marketing or ad strategies with someone, we’re here.

REACH started in December 2006 with a borrowed computer and a lot of spare time. Though most of the credit belongs to Providence, good friends, and a thriving business community in Irving, I’m proud of what REACH became. Looking forward, I’m equally excited though about a new chapter. Irving Bible Church has been a place where my family has found deep healing, lasting friendships, and meaningful work. It’s satisfying to see people helping people – feeding the hungry, healing the sick, restoring marriages, encouraging the overwhelmed. I couldn’t dream of a better mission to invest in for the rest of my career.

If you’ve ever been a client or worked with REACH in any way, here’s a big THANK YOU. You’ll still see me occasionally at Irving city and civic events, and you’re always welcome to check in at any time.

God bless and Merry Christmas!