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In Trends on May 12, 2010 at 10:40 pm

I was at another marketing workshop this morning where the speaker and every practitioner in the room was selling their particular marketing niche. At my table we discussed CRMs, CMSs, PHP, and CMYK. Then the speaker rose and told us about social media apps like HootSuite, TweetDeck and SocialOomph. It left me wondering, “Does anyone talk about marketing? Is anyone building any kind of cohesive, integrated marketing system? Or is that up to the overloaded in-house marketing staff member who also handles office refreshments and travel arrangements?”

The boys over at Marketing Over Coffee say this is a new trend among B2B marketing departments – the desire for a more integrated approach to all marketing. Yes, it will take longer to get to market. Yes, it will mean starting earlier. But isn’t it worth it?

Here’s one small example: You know that link at the top of your email marketing messages that says something like, “Email not displaying properly? View it here.”? If that link points back to your email provider’s site, you’re wasting it. Why not add a page to your web site with the same creative and point people back to yourself?

I’ve said it for a long time – most people who sell things related to marketing fall into two camps: the people who sell media (newsprint, air time, clicks, etc.) and the people who sell ideas (copy, design, photography, etc.) It is the rare to find a marketing partner who can generate good creative and then be strategic about how to use it.