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The Importance of Design

In Tips on October 4, 2010 at 3:56 pm

A quick story from a REACH project: we recently helped with development of a web application that turned out to be pretty robust. In fact, the more functionality requested by the client, the less and less attention was paid to design. We developed Photoshop documents and design standards at the outset, but as more changes we made, the design got pinched and squeezed into worse and worse variations. When we finally launched the project, it looked much less appealing than it did when we started. The site had only been live for about a month when the client called us back. They were getting anecdotal reports from users saying they weren’t getting past the home screen because they were confused about how to enter, what to do next, where the big red “click here” button was. We wound up simplifying the tool itself but as we discussed, it became clear that this was a problem with design. As much as we love content and efficiency, it’s important to be reminded occasionally that good design is good communication and leads to good business. Ask Myspace.