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Who Are the People In Your Neighborhood?

In Trends on October 5, 2010 at 9:51 am
In the last two days, I have seen the truth of my favorite marketing model played out in an arena completely unrelated to REACH. Actually, I’ve seen it in my neighborhood.
Tonight is National Night Out – a day for neighborhood block parties to promote public safety and neighborly goodwill. (Actually, the nationwide National Night Out happened in August, but a few years ago Texas figured out that no one was participating because no one wanted to have a block party in Texas in August. Go figure. So we’re celebrating the “National Night Out of Texas” tonight. We can do that. We used to be a country.) As we’ve done for the last three years, my wife and I have volunteered to organize the block party for our cul-de-sac in Valley Ranch. We’ll have about 25 people from our block come out for burgers and a bounce house and a lot of fun.
What does that have to do with marketing? In the last two days, two organizations have come contacted us asking for permission to pass out literature or present their platform at our party. One is a community group supporting an HOA referendum. The other is a neighborhood gardening club promoting their own event. Unwittingly, Christine and I have organized some customers in the target market for these groups and now they’re asking for access.
As long as there are marketers who know how to bring together customers, there will be companies willing to pay for access to them.