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We interrupt this Top 10 List to bring you this from today’s Wall Street Journal:

As Steaks Mount, Hare Krishnas Beef Up Appeals to Save Cows

West Virginia Sanctuary Faces Lean Times; Feed ‘Rama’ for $51 a Month, Get a Photo, Too

…or for $13 less, you could sponsor a human.

Reason #7 – More Media = More Savings

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More Media = More Savings: This recession could not have come at a better time for forward-thinking marketers. There are more communications tools available to companies today than ever before and many of them are very affordable. A little research and some time preparing your message, and you could be using Twitter, Email, text or Facebook to build loyalty or reach customers you never would have before.

Reason #8

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#8 Bargain Hunting: Creative services companies, consultants, printers – all are cutting prices and passing savings along to you. A new website that would have cost $8,000 last year, might cost $5,000 today. Or this may be the chance for you to engage that ad agency that you couldn’t afford a year ago.

Reason #9

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#9  Buck the Competition: Your competitors are cutting back, which represents an opportunity to take market share. With a greater presence in the marketplace, you can collect a larger percentage of customers entering the market and emerge from the recession with a bigger slice of pie. Let your competitors play catch-up.

Reason to REACH #10

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Today we’re starting a Top 10 list. From the home office in Irving, Texas, check here for the Top 10 reasons that a slow economy is the best time to invest in marketing.

#10  Sell Something: Sales are more important than ever. And sales don’t happen by themselves.

Speed of Tweet

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Seems like half of my continuing ed these days is just following Tweets, blogs, YouTube vids, and other content from ad / marketing movers and shakers. Even the formal seminars I’ve been to are both a source of endless tweets and posts as well as a forum for sharing them. Tweets are actually becoming content and vice versa. Feels like we’re missing something as we speed past. I have never seen anyone approach social media with what I would call a holistic strategy. Even guys like this are all over the map. Social media is so rich. Sometimes it feels like we’re taking a Sunday drive in a Formula 1 car. Is that a good analogy? We’re going too fast. There’s more to this than most of us are tapping into. Guess that fits the culture of the tools themselves. Just some thoughts.

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Crisis Communications, an art to say the least. Because of the sensitive nature of crises and changing methods of media, REACH continues to educate itself.

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Power outages in Irving have canceled this months Chamber Coffee Break at Receptions on Main, with no planned rescheduling.

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Vendors and clients make the world go-round. Do you need REACH? We want you!

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Proud to be supporting Irving Cares with food donations.