REACH Furious Over Microsoft Over-REACH

In REACH News on September 14, 2010 at 5:51 pm
September 14, 2010
IRVING, TEXAS — Global advertising powerhouse REACH has issued a lawsuit and scathing rebuke of Microsoft and it’s gaming partner Bungie Studios for “clearly overREACHING its bounds.” Bungie, maker of the popular video game Halo has named its latest release Halo: Reach, illegally infringing on REACH’s identity, the agency asserts. Halo: Reach went on sale to the public today.
“This is identity theft on a galactic scale,” REACH President Ryan Sanders said at a very well-attended press conference this morning. “If our society has REACHed the point where a startup like Microsoft can steal a whole company’s identity, then the terrorists have already won.”
Flanked by a celebrity team of attorneys and intellectual property experts, Sanders demanded an apology from Bungie, a recall of any products with the word “Reach” on them, and a free XBOX. Held at REACH’s luxurious offices in Irving, Texas, the press conference was attended by many leading journalists who asked not to be named by name. Also, Sanders’ mom was there.
“Our agency will continue its global, pervasive, grassroots campaign to destroy the Elites of the gaming industry as long as they continue to needle us with Halo: Breach,” Sanders said, refusing to use the game’s official name.
The first step in the campaign against Microsoft / Bungie is Sanders’ promise to give away one copy of the game’s new release on September 24.
“This is an insurrection. We are calling on all Americans, even Sega players, to join us by following our Twitter feed and retweeting our offer. Anyone who does so will be entered to win a copy of the game.”
  1. Great writing….very funny!

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