In Uncategorized on July 6, 2009 at 8:05 pm

BookCoverLast week, I was given permission to make public my involvement in the book that is sweeping the nation! (OK, maybe it’s just sweeping the third grade class at Lakeside Elementary in Coppell, Texas, but allow me some poetic license.) Last year, I wrote Prince Buddy from notes, interviews and newspaper clippings provided by Lakeside Principal Mark Lukert. Late last year, Mr. Lukert found a publisher and now more than 500 copies have sold (mostly via Mark’s extensive professional network of Texas public school educators.) The even better news is that the Lewisville Barnes & Noble has agreed to stock the book! Woohoo! There’s even to be a book signing (by Mark; I’m just the ghost writer).
Prince Buddy is probably not hitting the NYT Best Seller list anytime soon, but it was a fun project and teaches kids (if any of them don’t get too bored to read the whole thing) some valuable lessons about kindness, patience, acceptance and hard work.
And here’s a super-secret insider’s tip: look for a Prince Buddy sequel sometime next year!

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