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Speed of Tweet

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Seems like half of my continuing ed these days is just following Tweets, blogs, YouTube vids, and other content from ad / marketing movers and shakers. Even the formal seminars I’ve been to are both a source of endless tweets and posts as well as a forum for sharing them. Tweets are actually becoming content and vice versa. Feels like we’re missing something as we speed past. I have never seen anyone approach social media with what I would call a holistic strategy. Even guys like this are all over the map. Social media is so rich. Sometimes it feels like we’re taking a Sunday drive in a Formula 1 car. Is that a good analogy? We’re going too fast. There’s more to this than most of us are tapping into. Guess that fits the culture of the tools themselves. Just some thoughts.

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Crisis Communications, an art to say the least. Because of the sensitive nature of crises and changing methods of media, REACH continues to educate itself.

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Power outages in Irving have canceled this months Chamber Coffee Break at Receptions on Main, with no planned rescheduling.

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Vendors and clients make the world go-round. Do you need REACH? We want you!

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Proud to be supporting Irving Cares with food donations.

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Filming the next Greater Irving/Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce Coffee Break on Thursday! See you there!

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Time again for the weekly REACH staff meeting! We’re on top of our game to give our clients the best service.

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Reach is working to woo the tech savvy principles of Twitter!

No News from the Morning News

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It’s certainly not a good idea for a PR guy to go around ticking off reporters but I have to say that this story in the Morning News this week is a prime example of poor gatekeeping.

Irving official’s text messages cast doubt on strength of Cowboys practice facility

There are clear tests of what makes information news and this meets none of them. In fact, it would have been more newsworthy if city officials had said ANYTHING other than what they said to one another. They said:
1. The structure didn’t seem to be very stable
2. The city followed all applicable procedures and inspections in its construction
3. Jerry Jones can be hard to work with

And who is surprised about those things?

Plus, consider that the reporter got zero from the Cowboys (a much more media-savvy organization) but the city officials, eager to accommodate someone who buys ink by the barrell, issued harmless comments that really carry no further information. If Mayor Gears and Tommy Gonzalez had had time for a more considered response they might have hung up on Brandon Formby. And Brandon wouldn’t have had a story at all.

Every time I talk to someone at the Morning News, I hear about another round of layoffs. It’s like a monthly occurrence. I’m afraid this kind of journalism won’t go very far to rescue them.