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Niecole Crepeau has done yeoman’s work with some interesting conclusions in her study of Facebook users. Here’s an excerpt:

So, what’s it all mean and how can these findings be applied.  For those conducting campaigns through business/fan pages on Facebook, these first findings suggest some ways to tailor the campaigns, based on your demographic target.

For example, if a significant demographic target of a campaign is working parents, keep in mind their lower frequency for checking pages. You may need to run the campaign longer in order to get larger participation. Likewise, if the target is 25+ men, you may want to run the campaign longer.

When it comes to deciding what types of activities to initiate on fan/business pages, keep in mind your target demographic’s goals. (Note, in the next part of this series, I’ll report on the actual activities that different demographics partake of  in Facebook, which is also a strong factor to consider.) If your target is working fathers, chances are that quizzes and games aren’t going to work. But supplying information of interest to these men may draw them in.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for working men without children, campaign elements that are just for fun are a good bet. And for men, in general, applications and such that give them a chance to express themselves are likely to capture a good proportion.

If you’re targeting working moms, your best bet is tools or applications to help them reconnect with friends and family.  For women, in general, a reasonable percentage can probably be reached with campaign elements that are just about having fun. But if non-working, non-mothers is your target, information about events might be a better way to draw them in.

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