Sessions Session

In Uncategorized on April 9, 2009 at 6:40 pm

header_08campaign0308_headsI was privileged to share lunch with about 30 business leaders and Congressman Pete Sessions this week. The congressman’s message was entirely about economics, business and jobs. And what he had to say was not promising. The federal budget that passed April 2, Sessions said, provides for more national debt than America has ever had at one time since John Hancock borrowed a quill to sign his name. A client of mine likened that to being deep in credit card debt and deciding to pay it off with a loan. I was timid at the luncheon – just grateful to be there – but I had an unction to stand up and tell the congressman, “Small business leaders like us here in this room will lead America out of this recession if Washington will just let us.” I don’t believe it will be Wall Street or Pennsylvania Avenue that leads us out of this slump. It’ll be American workers and small businesses. Maybe I should have spoken up. I’m sure the congressman would have agreed. But instead I stuck to my chicken and steamed vegetables.

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