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REACH works with Irving Chamber for Annual Banquet

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REACH took a behind-the-scenes role in a spectacular event last night at the Studios at Las Colinas. The Greater Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce held its annual awards banquet attended by more than 300 business leaders. Kudos go to Vanessa Segovia, Shawn Callaway, Chris Wallace and the entire chamber staff for a terrific event. Entertainment was provided by the Texas Blues Machine (featuring Chamber Ambassador Leo Hull) and the event was emceed by a VP from Time Warner Cable, the presenting sponsor.

REACH assisted by preparing an on-screen presentation to present a high-quality, high-impact image and to assist in announcing award winners. REACH staff also assisted with last-minute adjustments to AV equipment, lighting, computer adapters, and various other last-minute details that pop up in an event of this scale.

REACH also provided a one-of-a-kind photo for the event’s silent auction. The frame black and white image shows Texas golf legends Byron Nelson and Ben Hogan smiling at the challenge before them just before the two squared off in a playoff at the 1942 Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia. Nelson won the playoff 60-70.

The Chamber gave 14 awards at the event. For a complete list of award winners, watch this week’s editions of the Irving Rambler or Irving Journal.

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Second test of Ping tool.

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Testing out Reach’s new “coordinated” efforts.


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This morning I was privileged to watch 88 young scholars receive $133,000 in scholarships from the neighbors and businesses in Irving at the Irving Schools Foundation annual Breakfast With the Stars event. For the sixth year in a row, WFAA anchor John McCaa served as emcee and did a great job. And for the sixth year in a row, I was impressed with the intelligence, poise and work ethic of the young people honored. As McCaa said in his opening remarks (before reading 90+ pages of student intros) this is an event to look forward to every year because it gives the audience hope for the future of our nation. If the rest of the Millennium Generation is as personable, mature, bright and industrious as the teenagers at the Four Seasons this morning, we’re in good hands. 




Coffee Break

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I was honored to speak in a panel discussion on marketing at the chamber’s monthly Coffee Break on the Main this morning. The event is held on the second Thursday of every month at Receptions on the Main in downtown Irving. This morning, it was packed. I have never seen that many people there – probably about 60. My panelmates were Wael Salama from EBM Corp. and David Fiegenschue of FigDesign. Wael discussed internet marketing and social networking. David had tips on graphic design, logo development and visual communications. The event was fun and the Q&A session was lively. I went away thinking, “Why don’t we capture this on video and post it for others to learn from?” Maybe that’s the next project….

Sessions Session

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header_08campaign0308_headsI was privileged to share lunch with about 30 business leaders and Congressman Pete Sessions this week. The congressman’s message was entirely about economics, business and jobs. And what he had to say was not promising. The federal budget that passed April 2, Sessions said, provides for more national debt than America has ever had at one time since John Hancock borrowed a quill to sign his name. A client of mine likened that to being deep in credit card debt and deciding to pay it off with a loan. I was timid at the luncheon – just grateful to be there – but I had an unction to stand up and tell the congressman, “Small business leaders like us here in this room will lead America out of this recession if Washington will just let us.” I don’t believe it will be Wall Street or Pennsylvania Avenue that leads us out of this slump. It’ll be American workers and small businesses. Maybe I should have spoken up. I’m sure the congressman would have agreed. But instead I stuck to my chicken and steamed vegetables.

Newsmakers Reception

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istock_000006518803xsmall1Last week, I attended a “Newsmakers Reception” for Irving’s “movers and shakers” at the Four Seasons. If that sounds important or impressive, it’s really  not. Looking around the room, I was struck by how everyone was … well … normal. Lots of those people are really good at their jobs. They’re also very committed, smart and responsible. But they’re just regular, good folk – the kind you talk to every day. I was glad there wasn’t a lot of pretentiousness or one-ups-manship (for the record, I’m not sure either of those are real words). Reinforced my theory that people are just people. None of us – from the President to the lady who is outside sweeping the sidewalk in front of the building as I write this – are really that different.