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A Market for Marketing?

Last night, while attending the inaugural event for the North Texas Chapter of the Canadian-American Chamber of Commerce, I had the opportunity to spend a few valuable minutes with Chris Wallace, Executive Director of the Greater Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce. Chris is a sharp guy with political and business savvy. After all, he oversees an organization with 1400 members, some of them the largest companies in the world.

Chris’ bit of business wisdom last night was this: marketing is more important now than ever. While he might have been just saying that for my benefit, I really don’t think so. He cited a recent Dallas Morning News article (which I have tried in vain to find) that suggested that down economies are the perfect time to invest more in marketing, not less. While others are circling the wagons, entrepreneurs with guts and vision see the opportunity to grab more market share.

That was a business tip I was glad to hear from our chamber president and couldn’t agree with more. Here’s hoping many in our community will follow Chris’ advice (and – oh yeah – hire REACH to help.)

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